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Pokemon Contest Tournament


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Hello Everyone, This is Seeker33 again and i was thinking of making a Pokémon Contest tournament.


Deck Rules:


Up to 8 basic Pokémon allowed, no more than 8 (stage 1 and 2 not included)

up to 2 Pokémon with the same name, eg. 2 emolga only

you can only use 1 deck and must name every Pokémon you used after round 1 match

lasers, catchers, virbank, frozen city, heatmor (firery licks) legendary Pokémon or exs are not allowed

Modified format only.


Contest rules:


each player will battle a random player i pick from the `Hat of Choice' and battle that person,

you will get points depending on the battle.


you get 20 points for each prize card you take


any special condition you put on your opponent Pokémon will receive extra points?


poisoned: 20 points

burned: 20 points

confused: 30 points

asleep: 30 points (10 extra points for each turn you opponent get tails for their sleeping Pokémon)

Paralysed: 50 points


You must score you amount of special conditions you inflicted to you opponent after your battle in the post,

and prize cards you taken from both players.


it doesn't matter who wins by taking all of their/your prizes cards in the battle because the person who wins the battle has to score more points than your opponent.


any player cheating will get points taken away from them, or make their total score 0 or minus.


This is a swiss tournament, and the ranks will be shown with the people with the highest scores, each round will be done within the time limit.



Also I wont be online from 26/7 to 1/8 because I be on holiday, but I will be able to update it. not be online

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