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How do i enable chat??


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Hi, and welcome to the TCG Forums.


You've not posted this in quite the right place - it should be in the Open Beta Help& Support section (in future please read a Forum Guide before posting) but I'll answer it anyway so that this thread can be closed ASAP.



If chat is not enabled on your account, it is likely to be because you are on a child account where chat is disabled. It is possible to request for these settings to be changed - but if you are of a younger age, you will require your parent's permission to do so.


If you have any further questions on this subject, you're more likely to be answered quicker by an official moderator if you post in the Help & Support sections of the Forum (Technical Support would be best) rather than replying here :)

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Hi Dylbo!


I have merged your two threads in order to keep the forums as tidy as possible. You can enable the chat and friends functions by clicking the drop-down menu with your screen name on it (at the very top of this page), clicking "My Account", and changing these options to Open under the tab that says "Pokémon Social Preferences". Make sure to click "Save" at the bottom of the page, and your preferences should be back to normal!


I hope this was helpful!

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