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any suggestions on building a LIGHTNING deck?


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14 Pokemon

4 Tynamo (Thunder Wave)

4 Eelektrik (Dynamotor)

4 Zekrom (Outrage)

2 Emolga (CfF)


12 Energy

Lightning Energy


Any Suggestions on Trainers I will use?

and I didn't put an ex on my pokemon because i think a Non-ex Zekrom is better than the Ex

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level ball

ultra ball

pokemon catcher


Try to put as many of these in your deck as possible. If you cannot put 4 copies, then put the most copies possible(exept for colress, keep him 2 or less)

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You might want a zapdos/zapdos ex in the deck to bring variety and resistance to the fighting types.


float stone and keldeo is a common tech to decks to counter additional status effects and catcher stall.

if its only lighting type you want then

(3-5)combination of switch/escape rope


x4 pokemon catcher is a fundamental to all tier decks but if your short on them

escape rope can do the job

when they have two poke's in play and you have a free retreater (emolga in this case)

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