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Hey Profs!


I have noticed today that 6 of my Cards have disappeared!!!I was roaming in trade section when suddenly I wanted to play a match.But when I go to select my deck,suddenly I see all my Decks are Unfinished!I dont Know why but when I got to Deck Manager to see what Happened,I see 2 SHIFT GEAR Klinklang,2 Blastoise Deluge,1 Crobat PS and 1 Heatmor PS Disappeared!!!I see my Trade history but I dont see any Trade containing those Cards(In my Side).


Pls Help me!Those cards worth a Lot to me,cause they are not easy to get.Especially SG Klinklang and Deluge Blastoise.




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Hello Trader52,


Sorry that you are encountering this issue! The only way for us to properly look into the problem is for you to submit a ticket to the support team via the link in my forum signature.


Please provide any relevant information so that the customer support rep can properly find out what has happened so we can reach a speedy resolution to the issue!


Thank you and good luck!

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