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Crashing Waves

I Tsunayoshi I

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Trying to build something sorta decent for use when I'm not grinding away through TC mode, but having a hard time working with just pieces from the 5 Basic Decks and Power Relay. Also been years since I've ever touched the game, so I have no idea whats good and still getting used to some of the new mechanics in place while I still have the overly limited card pool to work with.


2 Feebas (BW - Dragons Exalted)

1 Milotic (BW - Dragons Exalted)


4 Oshawott (BW - Boundaries Crossed)

3 Dewott (BW - Boundaries Crossed)

2 Samurott (BW - Boundaries Crossed)


4 Awew (BW - Noble Victories)

3 Fraxure (BW - Noble Victories)

2 Haxorus (BW - Noble Victories)


2 Bouffalant (BW - Dragons Exalted)


2 Great Ball

2 Level Ball

2 Pokemon Catcher

2 Random Transmission

1 Revive

2 Switch


2 Bianca

3 N (2 Noble Victories/1 Dark Explorer)

2 Colress


17 Water Energy

2 Double Colorless


Not entirely sure what to do with the build since I dont have much to work with between all the theme decks and being forced into all free play.

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Not bad. I'd consider removing the Lapras or Milotic line, and using the slots to add two more supporters and possibly another search item. :)

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Lapras maybe, cause I do like the Milotic line for additional search draw when I can spare a turn. Almost wanna drop a couple energies to make room for Pokemon Capture.

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Probably a good idea. Also, consider adding in Bouffalant from Basic Green. He's really good. Then, I would also add in the four N that you have (2 from Basic Orange and 2 from Basic Blue). Or maybe three. I would also include your Colress from Basic Green. They should help.

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With the heavy use of energy in the deck, since I dont have a choice but to be able to use anything that gets benched right now, you think that 3-4 N, 2 Colress, and 2 Bianca would be good enough for draw coverage?


Bouffer Bouffalant does seem like the best choice. Sure I give up a mini-Heavy that can swing for 120 against fire decks, but having an answer for EX pokemon is mandatory with how easily they can steamroll when they are set up and supported.


Besides the Pokemon Communication, is there anything that really needs to be cut to make room for the new stuff?

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