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I need x3 Blastoise with Deluge


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I need 3 Deluge Blastoises im offering the following:

Symbols: ND= Next Destinies

x1: Moltres/ ND BC= Boundaries Crossed

x1: Electabuzz/ BC PS= Plasma Storm

x1: Electivire/ BC PF= Plasma Storm

x1: Skarmory/ PS

x2: Treecko/ PF

x2: Grovyle/ PF

x2: Sceptile/ PF

x1: Eevee/ PF w/ growl

x1: Eevee/ ND

x2: Flareon/ PF

x1: Jolteon/ PF

x1: Electrode/ PF



THANKS SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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