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I love Pokemon, in all it's forms be it Handhelds, Trading Cards, or even just sitting back and watching an episode.


But this game has me at wit's end. What is the point of making it free in the first place if you need to pay money to have fun? All I can do is beat Trainers for nothing because;


a) I have earned all the boosters possible


B) i cannot spend tokens on cards


Now, I also can't trade the cards I spent many hours to unlock. This really sucks. I am also forced to use the same 3 boring unaltered decks over and over and over. I can't even use the decks I built with the boosters I got and the cards I can't trade against the trainers. This really sucks.


I would play Versus but there is no point in that since everyone who plays Versus has Decks loaded with EX's. I haven't got lucky enough to get an EX so too bad for me I guess. I would trade for some but I can't trade a Single Cards I have in my collection.


So basically I'm at a wall. I can't get more boosters (except once every 5 days), I can't trade any of my cards, I don't have a CC to buy codes online, and There are no stores nearby to sell packs to get code cards from (Which I wouldn't do anyway since I have no interest in collecting physical cards because there is nowhere for me to play them.


I can't be the only person who plays in this position. All I want to do is enjoy a good game but since everyone has extremely rediculous decks I don't even stand a chance. So my options are;


a) Play against trainers with the 3 basic decks for literally no reason




B) quit.


I guess I know what option I will be choosing.


May as well charge a 10$ monthly fee and give away 5 free boosters to all members rather than keeping it free, because you basically have to pay to have fun with this game anyways. There is literally no fun to the 'free' aspect of this game.


P.S. Also I heard that boosters you will eventually be able to buy with tokens will also be locked. I mean really? If this is true come on...


I understand CERTAIN conditions where CERTAIN booster obtained in CERTAIN ways could be exploited, but once you finish the trainers, the game is boring and dull.


Oh well, I guess if i'm not going to pay you $ you guys won't care.

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