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game will not load due to access violation


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whenever I try and start the game I recieve an error telling me to check the access log.


The following information is in the access log:


ig7icd32.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)

in module ig7icd32.dll at 0023:0a116e38.



Error occurred at 2013-07-18_001738.

C:\\xxx\xx [ install directory omited], run by [me].

51% memory in use.

1024 MB physical memory [1024 MB free].

2048 MB paging file [1024 MB free].

0 MB user address space [3790 MB free].

Read from location 00000554 caused an access violation.

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Hello Nomis78,


The best advice I can give since you have this information is to submit a ticket to our support team via the link in my forum signature. If you provide them with this information as well as any other pertinent information you may have hopefully they can resolve the problem quickly.

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