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The play-mat: A new angle of view.


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From a competitive standpoint, I believe that the current play-mat angle on PTCGO is not beneficial to the player at all. In the heat of the match, cards attached to my opponents Pokemon; such as, Tools and Energy cards, can be overlooked—hidden—and this oversight can seriously affect the player’s strategy in a negative way resulting in a “miss-play”.



PTCGO has designed the extremely useful option to “hover” the mouse over the specific Pokemon card to get a much detailed account for all things that may be attached to that specific Pokemon, which is vital for this angle of view! The current viewpoint for PTCGO aesthetically looks sleek and would impress almost any gamer! It most certainly makes PTCGO stand out above the rest of online TCG games on the market. That being inferred, this angle of view does have the potential to coexist with the overhead view granted if the player chooses to do so. My main disappointment for the current angle of view stems from the fact that it is difficult to just quickly glace over to that Pokemon of interest on my opponent’s field because Tools and Energy cards are too difficult to see. I need to be able to just quickly view watch is attached to that Pokemon of interest without doing any other steps.



To the other type of gamer, their fancy may be a traditional overhead view. The benefits of an overhead view results in a much more detailed, yet simple play-mat design. Each card can be seen from both players’ sides of the field, and cards attached to Pokemon; such as, Tools and Energy, can be vividly accounted for. The overhead view is also found in many other competitive online card games, for example, Magic The Gathering Online, Various Poker sites, and even Yu-gh-oh. This angle has been widely accepted as an easy to understand and simple feature that enhances the game play for computer based TCG simulations. In addition, this view reverses the cards found on the opponent’s side of the play-mat. This in turn also allows for an easy to read glance at the card to further save time when playing on their computers.



I hope that helps!

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Hi Spartanclone001,


I will escalate your suggestion to the development team and close this thread. If you have any more suggestions, please create a new thread.


As always, we appreciate the input!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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