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A use for Tokens!


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Hey all, I am a fairly new player to the PTCG-O. I'm 23 but have been playing anything Pokémon related since it was released. Video games, Card games, Board Games, etc.


Now I have around 400 cards online, but I quit playing the actual physical card game about 6 years ago. I didn't have the money to support the constant buying of new sets, so I stopped playing. This game is very fun and enjoyable, but I absolutely HATE that I have over 400 cards now and I cannot trade a single one. I understand why, and the abuse that would come from allowing free cards to be traded would be fanatical at best.


My suggestion here is make a way to use your tokens to unlock specific cards you would like to trade, say I got a real nice Deoxys-EX. Cool, but if i don't want to use it I am SoL. I have this super awesome card but I cannot do anything with it because either a) I don't have the cards to support it in a deck properly or B) The card just doesn't suit my tastes. I would LOVE to be able to trade off some of my cards but alas, I cannot.


This game is just amazing, but it is alienating anyone who isn't willing to go spend 8$ on a booster pack in real life, for cards I am not even going to use in real life, just to get some virtual cards worth trading on a video game? Seems like a cheap way to get more money from a solid cash cow to me.


This isn't a rage, or a threat to quit. I am having fun, and a lot of it, but it would be a lot more fun if I was able to trade for some of the real nice cards in chat I constantly see.


P.S. Can not WAIT for Pokemon X and Y and I hope the card set they come out with for it is even better than the game. Haven't had a handheld in forever and i'm buying a 3DS just for the game.

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Hi Mempha,


I will be passing this suggestion along to the development team and closing this thread. If you have any other suggestions, please create a new thread.


As always, we appreciate your input!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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