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Superior Energy Retrieval is hedden


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FOIL version "Superior Energy Retrieval" Plazma Freeze 103/116 (i have 1 copy of that card) does not appear in my collection until i check "show all" box in filter options.

UPDATE: looks like this problem related to all foil versions of trainer cards (may be some other types too).

it looks like "cards" section of collection dont work properly with sorting: when i sort it by rarity from rarest to common, it also sort by name from Z to A and it divide rares in few not clear sections: one of my zekroms located in top of rares, other 2 (foil and not foil) in the bottom of rare list.

and when i check "filters" option then must of cards stop to zoom by right click (but few still are zoomable).

and if i want scroll list with "show all" option, it scrolls to manyat ones and you skip some cards, more smooth scrolling will be great.

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