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Pokémon Discussion(Talking about specific Pokémon)


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Hello Everyone!

I am not in the General Discussion or Role-play & Forum Games too much.

In the Pokémon Discussion, we will talk about specific types of Pokémon every week.

This Weeks Topic:





Pikachu,The very first Pokémon of ASH, it has been with Ash till the 1st Season till the 16th Season,it has been the most-seen Pokémon in the series.The most common attack of it is Thunderbolt(IMO).It is a Thunder Type Pokémon.It is weak to Ground types,it can be both male and female.It;s height is 1.4" and weight is 13.2 Lbs.It's species is Mouse.It has great Speed.It has good Attack and Sp.Attack but is low in Defense,Sp.Defense and HP.It has the Ability Static which sometimes Paralyzes the foe when it comes in contact with Pikachu.

Pokédex Info:


It occasionally uses an electric shock to recharge a fellow Pikachu that is in a Weakened State.It is no.25 in the Pokedex.It evolves from Pichu and evolves into Raichu.


Why we are talking:

Now-a-days,Pikachu has lost its fame.Not too many People talk about Pikachu now,it is one of my favourties and ti was everyone's favorite in the start but now it is not the Favorite Pokémon of many People.I wan tot see it become famous once again but how many of you do want it so see become famous again?


Lets start the discussion!

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Unofficial Pokémon of the day: Pikachu(Updated everyday)You can see the Pokémon in:http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokedex/ and search Pikachu.


Unofficial Card of the Day(IMO):Pikachu(Black & White Base set,115/114)You can see the Card in:http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-trading-card-game/database/bw-series/bw1/PIKA/.

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