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A Loving Feedback :)


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If I have to do trainer challenges again (which is the actual game itself, I feel like) - I'de hang myself. Here are my reason:


1. There is absolutely no "depth" to that category, and it is utterly mind-numbing to go through it. There is no story line. The simplest example, where is a rival? I mean come on, it pokemon, there is always a rival, even in the old ptcg (yeh gameboy color) there is Ronald. May be when incorporated, he or she will give me a run for my money.


2. Another issue, the AI deck is horrible (Yeh, you guys know it, ask anybody and they will give you a through list of why). There is an entire community that I think would be more then happy to submit a deck configuration at no charge to spice up the game and make it fun. Grab a random person in EXPERT versus mode and say, hey let us use your deck to improve the game... I dont think he/she will say no, the reason simply because he/she love the game and want to improve it too (have a contest for this even). Bad use of available resources, IMO.


3. to complement the 2nd point, I dont care if this EXPERT person make an incredibly hard deck to beat (be a world champion I dont care), -let me build my own deck- because that FUN while going through trainer challenge.


4. This is just another opinion but I think you guys are confusing/mixing the Free and Fun concept for this game. The FREE part of this game have ZERO replay value. What after trainer challenge and 45 extra booster pack? nothing. You can't trade the free card you get... understandable... you can play Versus mode but forever stay in Novice Zone because of the "Non-tradable clause" that you have for FREE player. Yeh, you get an extra booster every 5 days and eventually give use to token... so what? they still non-tradeable and the option you're left with is linger until you "pay for the game". but hey, why complain, it FREE.


5. ...But it really not, now the FUN part of this game require you to pay to get booster and trade etc. Oh my god, we have to pay for fun? Jeeze who would have a problem with that? welcome to the real world, it only freaking fair -- in fact I already have (booster packs is on it way if anyone want to trade btw :D). Now the problem, would paying for this game worth it in comparison to any games that I pay 30 bux for at Walmart (yeh, I did, im a sucker, but I love the game)? No .... this is not even a game... there is no story line, no plot, no twist, completely flat, and it go back to my 1st point and may be 4th point. At best, this game provide minimal fun and impartially speaking, if I don't love this game, it a bad idea to even think about paying for it.


6. Solution, the reductionist method... separate the Free aspect of this game and Fun aspect of this game so it is easier to focus. As mention before, the Free aspect of this game is very weak, it might be nice to use it to introduce new player but god... I hate it, grinding through trainer challenge -SUCK. Now the fun aspect, charge me and make this game a little bit more "dynamic", make it an actual game. Have a close zone for those want-to-try Free player and an open zone for real players whose pay money and want to enjoy the "real" game because frankly speaking, I feel like I am being taken advantage of for paying for this game right now simply because I like it.


Ok, done with my rant, back to trainer challenge :). Love you guys.


PS - I did not proof read this... my apology.

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I dont see anything wrong with the free part of the game if I'm honest. It could do with some extra challenges for when Trainer Challenge is completed, but thats an awful lot of gameplay for something that is free! And out of those free booster packs that you get for completing Trainer Challenges and every few days you have just as much chance of getting a rare card as anyone else with paid boosters; trading is an element of the game but its not the be-all and end-all. Out of my free boosters I already have 2 EX cards and I've been playing for just over a week.

I think youre getting confused between the Pokemon RPGs and the TCG; there isnt supposed to be a 'story' to this game, its about collecting and battling with the cards.

When you compare the amount of gameplay you can get out of this, more than most Xbox games which you'd pay £40 for, I think they've done a great job.

You should get yourself onto the rest of the forum and go battle some Gym Leaders or something; half the point of this game is being able to play against other real people.

Just my thoughts on what you've said. Youre fully entitled to your opinions in your post, I just disagree. :)

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Hello! This isn't an offline game like GameBoy Color Pokémon TCG that requires a story. This game is online, meant to be played between real players. The trainer challenge is just an additional section, where you get to unlock more decks and get more cards. You can forget about it once it is completed. To use your own deck against computer, there are Practice Battles. Can't say about the decks computer use, as I just started to learn building custom decks. But about getting new cards, as Chimocho said, there's no difference in booster packs you buy and the ones you get every 5th day as login reward. It's pure luck which cards pop up from the pack. I got a Regigigas-EX 99/99 Full Art, even before I understood what EX cards do (we never got real TCG cards here). Yeah they are made untradable, but it's necessary. Otherwise people will make multiple accounts, and trade all their rewards to one account. And to counter this and make self-trading pointless, the developers will have to give each player the same reward, all having same cards. We don't want that, do we?


As you pointed out yourself, a game you don't have to pay anything for, this is more than one could imagine. You can always buy the booster packs you want (I don't know how that works now, as they killed booster credits in the beginning of this month), but there's no guarantee that they'll yield better cards than the free ones.

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