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~~Overlord's FUNHOUSE!~~

A Fun Deck Discussion



In this thread we may or may not create decks (not sure yet), but we will be discussing new deck ideas weekly that are unusual, odd, or just fun.


I'm using the term fun deck in two ways that TCG communities tend to use them.

First: A normally non-competitive deck.

Second: A deck that is simply fun to use.


That being said I like making decks that normally cannot compete.... well.... compete! I enjoy making bad decks good and making good decks better in nearly any TCG.


So let's start!




This week's topic:

Ghosts of the Past


This deck ideas uses an odd combination of Pokemon:

Golurk and Archeops


Now both these Pokemon do not have much synergy with each other except for one key function. Evolution.



Archeops is Stage 1 Pokemon whose ability prevents both players from being able to evolve their Pokemon. Now even though there are plenty of decks that don't need to evolve their Pokemon, some of them simply fall apart when they are unable to. This can include Blastoise, Gothitelle, Garbador, and even stray Eevee plasma decks if they cannot evolve quick enough.


The thing that prevents Archeops from seeing more play, though, is simply that it evolves from a restored Pokemon. This means it must be brought out by the appropriate Fossil Trainer card, or by the Twist Mountain Stadium.


This means the ability to cycle your deck quickly while keeping Archen in the deck is a must. That means using cards like N, Colress, Pokemon communicator, etc to get what you need while maximizing the capabilities of the Plume Fossil Trainers.



Golurk is another Stage 1 Pokemon with some interesting effects. It's first attack de-evolves the Pokemon it is attacking after inflicting damage. This means that even if an evolution has a higher HP than it's unevolved counterparts, it has a good chance of KOing them regardless.


Now while this is decent, it still doesn't prevent the opponent from re-using that card. But being able to combo with Archeops basically shuts down evolutions entirely as well as keeps a fairly strong beatstick on board to deal with threats.



Both of these Pokemon also have some other downsides as well, such as large retreat costs and large Energy requirements for attacks.


This means there is no easy way to accelerate their energy, nor is there a great way to search for either one except cycling, Great Balls, and Pokemon Communication. Golurk and Golett can both, however, be searched for by Heavy Balls.


Golurk is also fairly susceptible to many things such as Laser Bank, Mewtwo Ex, Catcher, and many other cards. Because of this, Keldeo with Float Stone could be useful along with Sigilyph with the SafeGuard ability. Possibly even Gothitelle with Magic Room could be useful.


Here are some things I was thinking of that would be needed to make this deck work against most of the basic threats:

4 Double Colorless Energy (mainly for Golurk)

3-4 Ether

3-4 Energy Switch

4 Pokemon Communicator

1-2 Bianca

2-3 N

2-3 Colress

2-3 Skyla

2-3 Great Balls

2-3 Heavy Balls

2 Devolution Spray (Archeops prevents you from evolving as well, so this could help set up a second Golurk to battle)

1-2 Keldeo Ex

2-3 Float Stone




So, what other things do you think could/ should go into a deck like this?


What is fun with this deck idea? What's wrong with the deck idea?


Whatever constructive comments you have, please reply and discuss this deck with your fellow trainers.



I'm also taking suggestions for next week's Fun Deck topic, so please post those, too.

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actually that´s MY deck idea. you should give me the credit for that deck. check it in the very deep of Deck Construction Zone.

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I'm not taking credit for any of these ideas. I just thought of this recently and thought it would make a good discussion.

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well, then ok. this deck has future but needs better cards for a quick setup, like the oncoming Caitlin supporter card.

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Not to mention the new Archen coming out. It's ability will be essential to speeding up this deck. I would also recommend a 4-3 Archeops. With 2 Ancient Power Archeops and 1 Speed Dive. This allows Golurk to switch out and Archeops to completely plow through every basic Pokemon ever. Here's a fun deck for you: I finally found a use for PF Beedrill. Combined with Cherrim with Fair-Weather Heal, he can be pretty good. The only problem is that you can't afford to lose a Weedle or a Cherubi. Still a decent deck though.

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The new Restored Pokemon are definitely a huge boost to fossils and could make them reliable.


These new Archen could pose a turn 2 threat against many pokemon including Plasma Eevee builds. It also makes Ultra Ball and Juniper way more useful as well.


I suppose with the new support even Aerodactyle could be decent in this deck.

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Maybe. He still takes awhile to set up, and I think that the 10 extra damage just wouldn't matter that much.

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I play a fun deck with 4x Kecleon, 4x every type of energy, 4x ethers, 2 Interviewers questions, and a bunch of other basic trainers like Junipers and lasers. :)

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