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There needs to be an easier way to move damge counters.


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When moving damage counters via Dusknoir's "Sinster hand" or Reuniclu's "Damage Swap", this process can take way too long then it needs to be. I believe an easier solution is to: one, remove the select "okay" option at the end of each your damaging swapping selection because if a mistake is made when choosing the Pokemon, it doesn't matter because both Pokemons ability is unlimited. Two, is the whole idea of adding or decreasing damage then sending it to another Pokemon. Instead of just selecting one damage counter at a time, have a feature that can add or subtract the selected damage counter (for counters like 50), or drag and drop damage counters onto a new Pokemon.


I hope that helps!

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Hi Spartanclone001!


I will be escalating these suggestions to the development team and closing this thread.


Thanks so much for the input!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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