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New? Need a few basics and uncommons to get started?


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If you have a good card or two to trade and need to set up your deck fast I might be able to help. I have plenty of extra commons and uncommons to trade, and until my supply runs out, I'm going to keep trading them. If you're new and just opened your first pack (or three) and need those Stage 1s to play your brand new Stage 2, come look me up and I'll see what I can do. Got the Dragons Exalted card and need the version from Plasma instead? Hit me up. If you have packs and want to set up a deck quickly and efficiently, come look at my binder and see what you like! If you need items, tools, or stadiums to give your deck an edge, we can work that out too! This offer is good as long as I have the cards, so find me and let's make it happen! NOTICE: I am not promising to have what you're looking for, but I am promising to make decent trades to help you get started as quickly, efficiently, and competitively online as I can. Find me, let's trade!

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