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Alexodus Swap Meet


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Things I'm looking for:


Card Obtained / Needed


Bianca (FA ) 0/2


Colress (FA) 0/3


Max Potion (SR) 1/2


Mew EX (Any) 0/2


Pokemon Catcher (SR) 1/3


PF Thundurus EX (FA) 1/2


Rare Candy (Any non-HGSS) 0/7


Ultraball (SR) 0/3



Notable Items for Trade (Have MANY more in binder, but listing a few here to get an idea):


PF Thundurus EX (Reg) x2


SR Blastoise x1


Rayquaza EX (FA) x1


Tropical Beach (2011) x2


PS Packs x15


There are a lot more cards in my binder, but there's too many to list. So shoot me an offer here or in game! Thanks!





Colress Machine (Holo) 2/2


Deoxys EX (FA) 1/1


Kyurem (PF) 1/1


Lugia (FA) 1/1


Shadow Triad (Holo) 3/3


Team Plasma Ball (Holo) 4/4


Team Plasma Grunt (Holo) 3/3

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Hi Alexodus,


Please refrain from any type of "bumping" activity. Bumping is not permitted on the forums.



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