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Hiram's Trading Place


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Hey, I'm Hiram! This is going to be where I'll keep my traings and wants. I also have a blog where I give codes away weekly, so if you're interested PM me. I'm not too familiar with how much do cards cost so I need people to trade with but also people to help me out knowing how much is what worth c:

For my cards you can offer wants or packs

I'll update this with more later, I'm in kind of a rush. Thank you for stopping by!




Looking For:



Petilil 16

Duskull 61

Dusclops 62

Dusknoir 63



Hypnotoxic Laser 123

Virbank City Gym 126



Mr Mime 47



Victini 14




For trade



Regigigas EX FA 99 x1



Cresselia EX 67 x1



Zekrom 39 x1



Colress Machine 119 x1

Klinklang 90 x1

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i have zekrom 130hp holo pf



I'm offering Zekrom not looking for it.


i have 3 mr mimes 1 being holo and a laser



What are you interested in?

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