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I have 5x Tropical Beach


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I have 5x Tropical beach and I'm looking for:

2x Thundurus EX

1x Kyurem Plasma

4x Colress Machine

4x Plasma Energy

3x Blend WLFM

2x Colress

3x Skyla

2x Hypnotoxic Laser

2x Virbank


If you give me all of these, I'll give you five. If you give me 2x Thundurus and a bunch of Trainers, I'll give you 2/3 (depending on the trainers)

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Not sure why you made 2 threads - but I have agreed to accept this trade for all 5 beaches on your other thread :) I have already sent you the offers directly to your binder






Please read your other thread if you're not sure how to accept!









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If u haven't already traded them, I can give you all of those for 2 beaches, since the beaches are worth a lot more than you seem to think they are. Just *** here or in game.

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