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Cant select Versus mode sometimes


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Sometimes when i come off from the store, deck manager, cards or trades i want to play a game but when i try to get to Versus mode i double click it or select it and press next it appears to move me over to the trainer challenge, i can try as many times as i want but nothing seems to help.


the only current fix i have to this is that i need to log-off and quit the game and then start it up again log-in and than i'm able to play again, but i find this rather annoying to restart the entire game just to play one verus match,


also after each game the difficulty is set back to novice instead of expert, i don't know if this is done on purpose but i would not know why anyone would take the old feature out.



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Hello Azumakii,


Thank you for the bug report. Are there any extra details you can provide on how to reproduce this issue? I haven't been able to cause this to happen on my end.


As far as the difficulty setting changing, that part is a known bug the team is working on as well.

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