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Just Starting Out & I Want to Build a Fire Deck


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I love fire Pokémon. I want my first deck to be based around fire types like Tepig (I chose Tepig as my starter in Black 2 and now I rely solely on Pignite for most battles). Any tips on what packs to pick up? Also, how do I build a collection in TCGO?

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Real life products:

Booster packs - 10 cards + code card(virtual booster)

Theme decks - 60 cards + code card(virtual theme deck)

Tins - 1 ex card + code card(virtual ex card) + 4 packs(with codes cards)


Make a Emboar/Rayquaza deck or Emboar/Reshiram/Entei Deck also consider victini ex which is also another good fire card


with float stone and superior energy retrieval it makes it a better deck. You can used sealed packs to trade for rare cards. Like for example a rayquaza ex card is worth 2 packs, so if you find an online trader you can trade him 2 packs for the rayquaza.



Emboar (ability)- Tin promo / BW Base set / 2 packs in value

Rayquaza Ex - Tin promo / Dragons Exalted / 2 packs in value

victini Ex - --- / Plasma storm / 3 packs in value

Mewtwo Ex - Tin promo / Next destinies / 2-3 packs in value

Reshiram(non ex) --- / Next destinies / 1-1.5 packs in value

Entei Ex - --- / Dark Explorers / 2 packs in value

Float stone - --- / Plasma Freeze / 0.25 - 0.5 packs in value

Superior energy Retrieval / Plasma Freeze / 0.25 - 0.5 packs in value

Pokemon Catcher / Emerging powers / 1 - 1.5 packs in value

Ultra Ball --- / Dark explorers / 0.5 packs in value

Computer Search --- / Boundaries Crossed / 1.5 - 2 packs in value

Victory piece --- / Plasma storm / 1 pack in value

Energy Retrieval --- / BW base set / 0.25 - 0.33 packs in value

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Simple Fire deck

3x Tepig

1x Pignite

2x Emboar IF

3x Entei EX

2x Victini EX

1x MewTwo EX


2x Rare Candy

4x Catcher

3x Switch

2x Skyarrow Bridge

3x Ultra Ball

2x Pokemon Communication

1x Energy Search

1x Energy Retrieval

2x Super Rod


2x Cilan

3x Skyla

3x N

2x Juniper


14 Fire Energy


The strategy is simple. Get Entei as Active. Use Ultra Balls to get Fire Energy into Discard for Entei to grab with Grand Flame. Use those energy attaches to power up Bench Entei EXs or MewTwo EX.


These cards come from several different sets, including BW base, Dark Explorers, and Plasma Storm. But you are always better off trading unopened packs directly for the cards that you want.

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So should I buy a tin and some boosters and trade people? I don't know anyone who plays so can it be done online, like I contact someone on here and we mail each other our cards or something?

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No, if you buy a real booster, you get a code that unlocks a single booster in the online tcg. You can also order just the code cards from online retailers. The are far cheaper in the second method. In the TCGO, you can redeem the codes for online boosters, then trade with other players online.

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i suggest you use both Reshiram & Zekrom from Plasma Freeze on that deck. Zekrom only needs 1 Electric and 3 of any energy to attack, and its attack(Fusion Bolt)is boosted if you have Reshiram Benched. Reshiram Fusion Flare is also boosted if you have a Zekrom Benched.

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Today I picked up some new cards. Here is the list of all my fire-types. Pansear (Emerging Powers, 18/98) Pansear (Plasma Storm, 19/135) Monferno (Plasma Storm, 16/135, can't use until I get Chimchar) Charmander (Boundaries Crossed, 18/149).

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How did you get those cards?


Anyways, it is very expensive for you to buy real boosters just to redeem the codes for the virtual game

it is cheaper to get them on a third party website online


anyways, when you have good cards, i dont mind trading for a good fire deck

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You should just play the basic fire theme deck in the game. Go play trainer challenge. Set it on expert each time (it glithches). Once you get 4 stars or 30,000 points total per trainer, you get a free booster pack

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I got those fire cards from a tin and some boosters at a local game shop I just found out about. They have a draft tournament next Sunday night and I don't work so I'll probably go.

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