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Difficulty bonus stuck at 0.5X for any difficulty!


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I posted this in another thread as a reply, but here it is anyway:

hey there

we dont get cards where i live, and cant buy online. so im completely depending on this ai system to unlock a few boosters.

i won in expert difficulty but it still says score modifier for that difficulty is 0.5X when its supposed to be 2x.

Ive player 10 matches and 10 out of 10 times its the same.

really annoying, please respond and help me out here.

PS: i dont understand the point of tokens. why not a free booster every 3rd day?? Maybe thats a topic for another thread lol nvm.

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Hello Izanagiaadi,


This is a currently known bug with the trainer challenge. As a work around change the difficulty between matches to something else then switch back to expert, this should give you the full 2x bonus. You'll have to do it between each match though, which I know is frustrating but the team is looking into a fix for this problem.


Please feel free to reply back here if that doesn't help!

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