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My trade wants and offers


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I have a pretty small collection (as no one plays/keeps Pokemon TCG where i live, hence i have to get by somehow and most of my collection is non-tradable from boosters)

In this thread, i will make a list of my wants and the small amount of cards i can offer in return (Which also comprise the entirety of my tradable cards :P). I apologize in advance for any typos. Please help me out! If you have any of my wants and would like any of my offers, comment here or find me in-game.

My wants:

Altaria which boosts dragon attacks x 1

Darkrai EX x 1

Sabyele Junk Hunt x 2

Hydreigon Dark Trance x 1

Colress Machine x 1

Bulbasaur x 3

Ivysaur x 1

Charmeleon x 1


My offers: (Might as well say, my entire tradable collection)

Aerodactyl Ancient Scream x 1

Amoongus Miracle Power x 1

Cucbhoo x 4

Holo Hard Crunch Durant x 1

Dusclops x 1

Shock bolt eelektrik x 1

Signs of Evolution Eevee x 1

Smash Punch Elgyem x 1

Self Destruct Ferroseed x 1

GyroBall Ferrothorn x 1

Shred Gabite x 1

Gothita x 3

Fiery Licks Heatmor x 1

Holo PF Jolteon x 1

Litwick Surprise attack x 2

Max Milk Miltank x 1

Assist Liepard Holo x 1

Silent Claw Liepard x 1

Double Assist Magnezone x 1

Cut Pawniard x 2

Plasma Rotom x 1

Poison Sting Venipede x 1

Spiral Drain Zubat x 1

Wing Attack Zubat x 1

Body Slam Zwelious x 1

Crystal Edge x 1


I will be updating this page if any trades are done and if i get any new cards.

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I got:

2 Gible

2 Wartortle

3 Bulbasaur

1 Ivysaur

1 Charmander,If you want to work out a Deal,simply make me an offer

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Updated. My thanks to Dalek2011 and others who helped me get some of the cards that i wanted. Please check the list out!

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I have a charmander if you still need it send me a friends request and we can work something out

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Could not post on my laptop for some reason and updated the list. The Latios EX got traded away, but still i got some "basic" needs. Thanks for the offers and help.

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Send me a friend request. Easiest way to find someone. Also, updated as i traded off the Mew EX. The Ace spec is still on the table, though.

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