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The Phoenix Rebirth Deck (Ho-oh EX Combo Deck)


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Hi there,


this deck can do 100 damage in 1st round with a little luck, lets see how it works


Pokémons: 4


4 x Ho-Oh EX


Trainers: 24


4 x Junniper

4 x Random Receiver

4 x Ultra Ball

4 x Float Stone

4 x Ether

2 x Catcher

2 x Switch


Energy: 32


4 x each basic energy



This deck works this way: you need a Ho-oh EX to start the game then the others you'll discard (using Junniper or Ultra Ball), you can discard the energies two (they'll be useful in discard pile). Once you discarded a Ho-oh and some energies (what is pretty easy as you have 4 ho-oh 4 Ultra Ball (to catch ho-oh if it didn't came in hands) 4 junniper (to discard all your hand) and 4 random receiver (which will make junniper come to hand)). It's very plausible to discard a Ho-oh EX and 3 different energies at 1st round. Then with a little lucky (coin toss) Ho-oh EX can come back to play with 3 energies already, ready to do 80 damage in one attack, as you have 32 energies in deck, for sure you'll have the 4th energy to attach on the revived ho-oh, making it do 100 damage in 1st round! The Ethers can also make it bigger! Use float stone and switch to get this revived phoenix on active spot and blast your enemy away with 80~100~120 damage in 1st round! Note that 140~160 and even 180 damage are possible but it's very unlikely to happen.


Tell me what do you think of this deck.

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i´ll suggest you make this deck an unlimited deck in order to put Lugia LEGEND, 2 copies of each part. remove all trainers except for Catcher, Ether and Ultra Ball and add Scramble Switch and Energy Switch and more Basic Energies. use Lugia LEGEND Poké-Power to bring some energies to the field. with Ultra Ball discard energies and maybe 1 Ho-oh EX to use its ability, then move the energies from Lugia LEGEND to Ho-oh EX with Energy/Scramble Switch. however, if you want to keep that deck in modified, ignore what i said earlier and put 3 Wurmple, 1 Silcoon, 3 Beautifly and Rare Candies. gather the energies with Beautifly Trienergy attack and you´re done(for now). Good luck with that!

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