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Why are we still limited?


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Thank you for making the series of fixes, they've certainly improved several aspects of the game.


Sadly Trading was not one of the bugs addressed in the fix - I read Prof Mathis' comments in the June Discussion Thread about it being something that will be addressed soon.


Is there an expected date for this fix to be made - it would be very useful to have a vague idea of the timescale of this (a week/a month?)





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Hello AlexManectric,


Some fixes do take longer than others, and this bug happens to be one of the longer fixes unfortunately. As Prof. Mathis stated in the June Community Update discussion thread, a maintenance date will be set as soon as possible to address this bug, among others. Keep an eye out for the announcement! For now, I will be closing this thread.


Thanks for your patience!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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