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Pokémon Lotrery??


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Dear Pokémon team,

I was wondering if it would be permitted to hold some sort of lotery,

"selling" (not in the literal sence of the word) tickets and picking a random winner.

I wanted to do something like this to raise some funds for a tournament that would give all players, beginners and experts a fair chance of getting some good cards, would that be allowed?

I'm just asking I havent set anything up yet or anything, it just that not alot is allowed concerning giving away stuff and or lending stuff on the game...

Sincerely The Duke

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Somebody has done something along those lines... I've won two booster packs before. I don't know what the exact rules are. But the person PM'd me the codes after I won. I'm sure that you could just have the packs or cards up for the person to grab in the TCG.

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Hello RoyalDuke,


Lotteries such as the one you've designed tow the line of gambling. As this is not in the spirit of Pokémon, we cannot allow such events to take place. Furthermore, collecting entrance fees that will not be used as prizes for that event is prohibited.


I will be closing this thread. Please feel free to create a tournament in which prizes are collected permissibly.


Thanks for playing, and good luck!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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