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Mac OSX Bugs

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Here are some general UI Bugs I've been experiencing on the mac client:


* Very high CPU and RAM usage which gets progressively worse the longer I play. I suggest this is due to memory leakage and/or poor garbage collection in the code. The game can get very slow moving between menus at times.


* Trade is infuriatingly slow, typing to search (eg. Absol) results in:

> type a - results for "a" start to load and game freezes while it does this

> type b - results for "ab" start to load and game freezes...


etc. etc.


* Under the friends menu the search box for friends (and public members) is often unselectable, making it impossible to search for people. Sometimes this can be solved by clicking in the very very bottom left corner of the search box, but rarely does that fix it.


* Chat boxes are very annoying in that the tabs keep switching order (it places the latest message on the left), this makes it annoyingly difficult to keep track of which is which. If a new conversation is started with you when you are typing it will also move your focus to the new window, and since you can't select the text to copy/paste it this means you have to delete and start again.


Thanks for the amazing game, hope it will only get better in the future and that these bug reports help.

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