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Please add Promo cards from Plasma Blister pack and...


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This message was created with the intent that someone who is in charge of adding cards to the PTCGO database will see this, and add the cards (mentioned below) to improve PTCGO as a Pokemon trading card game practice tool.


Suggestion 1: Please add the promo cards that were released in the new Plasma Freeze blister pack to your database.



Suggestion 2: Please add Tropical Beach to your data base.


Suggestion 3: If possible, make the "tokens" that are earned in PTCGO able to purchase the mentioned promo cards, and other sought after cards.


Thank you for reading! Please accept my suggestions as PTCGO really needs to have the cards mentioned above to help players test with the current Pokemon format.

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while we're on the topic of adding cards. Why do we have tailows but no swellows?


Because those cards are for the birds...thank you, I'll be here all week!

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Thanks for the suggestions.


I'll be sure to pass these to our team.


We are always on the look-out for anything players think may improve gameplay experience.


Thanks agian!

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