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Plasma Storm Packs for Trade, lf-other boosters and cards listed


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I would like to trade 30 Plasma Storm packs for Plasma Freeze Packs in an quantity as long as it is 1 for 1. I am also looking for Dark Explorer and Boundaries Crossed packs to trade for. As for cards the only one off the top of my head I can think of that I want would be a Landorus EX FA and a Charizard secret rare Holo from Plasma Storm. I will give 4 packs for the Charizard and 9 for the Landorus ex Fa. Will be adding more card wants, pm me if interested. No negotiations, my prices are fair and I will not accept extra cards in place of packs, etc. If you are interested PM me. thanks.


you can also send me offers in game, I would say pm me in game but the chatting interface is down. My IGN is the same as my username in the forum. "DarkSlayertypeZ" no quotes.

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