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A problem with A.I. that allows one-turn victories - TC

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Darth Kamcio

There is a bug in the AI.


In Trainer challenge, expert difficulty, platinum leage, Juji (third trainer, fighting deck) has the Super Scoop Up card.

She uses it nilly-*****, no matter if she is to waste 7 turns spent evolving and energizing a pokemon she now puts in her hand.


But the actual thing I want to report is that she used it.... with only one pokemon on her field! It was the beginning of the match, the first turn was hers and she returned her active pokemon to her hand, granting me victory before I even had my turn!


I think this is clearly not the way it's supposed to be, even if it's kind of beneficial to players (easier pack farming).

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Hey Darth Kamcio!


The developers are aware of this bug and will be looking into it as soon as possible. I will be closing this thread. If you have another bug to report, please create a new thread.


Thanks for playing!

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