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The last man standing tournament (1st)


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p/s= each player need to find and finish their game in a week. any player who can't find their opponent please post it in the thread. if that player don't response the other will get default win. if both player response but can't find each other i will flip a coin to determine who move to next round.



final has begun... good luck everyone

final will end in 1 july if both malfa5 and landrous still can't find each other i will flip coin.


Hi we have decided to create a tournament of group battles. There will be 8 teams with 3 members in each group. Entry is free and prize will be 6 PS packs for the winning team (2 from me and 4 from supersky2020). The format of the game will be modified.


-Team 1 vs Team 2

-Team 3 vs Team 4

-Team 5 vs Team 6

-Team 7 vs Team 8

-Semifinal 1

-Semifinal 2



The goal is to eliminate all your opponents in the other team. I will give an example to illustrate how the rules work.


1) Team 1 is consists of member A, B, C and Team 2 is consists of member D,E, G. First round will be

A vs D(Best of 3), B vs E(Best of 3) and C vs G (Best of 3).


2) In the first round, say if A won against D, B won against E but C lost against G, there will be a second round for that group battle. Now, either A or B will battle against G from Team 2. Team 1 wins if A won against G, otherwise B will battle against G in the third round to determine the semi-finalist or finalist. If A from Team 1 won against G from Team 2, Team 1 will move to the semifinals and vice versa. The same rules apply for the battle between the semi-finalist. The goal is to eliminate all the members in the opposing team in order to proceed to the next stage.




Team 1(A,B,C) vs Team 2(D,E,G)


Round 1

T1(A) VS T2(D)

T1(B) VS T2(E)

T1© VS T2(G)


Round 2

T1(A) vs T2(G)


Round 3

T1(B) vs T2(G)


Team 3(A,B,C) vs Team 4(D,E,G)


Round 1

T3(A) VS T4(D)

T3(B) VS T4(E)

T3© VS T4(G)


Round 2

T3(A) vs T4(G)




Round 1

T1(B) vs T3(A)


Round 2

T1(B) vs T3(B)



4) There will be several scenarios in the semi-finals or final depending on how the team performs. For instance, If Team 1 has only one member( B ) while Team 3 has two winning members that qualifies to the semifinal/final, it means that Team 3 has two chances to defeat A from team 1. In other words, it can be either Team1(1 member) vs Team3(3members), Team1(2members) vs Team3(2members), or even Team1(3) vs Team3(3) in the semi-finals and final.


5) In the final round, if Team1 wins with one member (say A) , he is allowed to take all prizes for himself or share it with his members. If there are two winning members,(say A and B), A and B are allowed to receive 3 packs each or divide them equally with all 3 members.


6) Can change decks once you play against a new opponent but not during best of three matches.



-Restart game client before a battle

-Take a screenshot on your winnings

- Leaving a game or disconnected when your opponent is leading by 2 prizes is considered a defeat unless your opponent agrees to rematch.


(IMPORTANT) = Please sign up as a team with the name your group and the members.


Team 1 –CMG-A-Spookyaloot, B- Malfa5, C- Jery95

Team 2- lonely gurl- A-northb97, B-Littlegaravoir C-evans0224

Team 3-It Ryme With The Grape: A-zykrono B- j0pecko C-sh45cards

Team 4- DeathToAll-A-Rainous B-Rassin C-Zebrush

Team 5- Meh.-A-DuggyHD B-Kelfinger22 C-Bonzai13jr

Team 6-OP Magikarps- A-Xxterra_stormxX B-tcg championred C-dalek2011

Team 7-PMD A-Golfer570 B-XOnionX C-Bronze712

Team 8-AD: A-iimeee B-supersky2020 C-landorus1998


What to do once the tournament starts?



  1. Arrange a time that suits both teams for the group match. Player A from each team plays against the other team. Best of 3 determines the winner. The same applies to player B and C.
  2. The goal is to eliminate all the members in the opposing team. If all three members of a team win against their opponents in Round 1, they proceed straight to semifinal. Otherwise, they will have to go to Round 2 or even 3 to determine the semifinalist.
  3. Each team must posts their result in this thread.






Team 1 –CMG- VS Team 2- lonely gurl-


Round 1

T1(A) VS T2(A) =( Spookyaloot won by default because northb97 withdraw)

T1(B) VS T2(B) =(Malfa5 won 2-1)

T1© VS T2© = (Jery95 won 2-0)



Team 3- It rymes with grapes VS Team 4- DeathToAll

Round 1

T3(A) VS T4(A)=(Rainous won by default against zykrono since he don't reply)

T3(B) VS T4(B)= (both player disqualified since not posting)

T3© VS T4©=(zebrush won 2-1)



Team 5- Meh.VS Team 6- OP Magikarps

Round 1

T5(A) VS T6(A)=(DuggyHD won by default since Xxterra_stormxX don't reply)

T5(B) VS T6(B)= (Kelfinger22 won 2-0)

T5© VS T6© = (Bonzai13jr won 2-0)



Team 7-PMD VS Team 8-


Round 1

T7(A) VS T8(A)( iiimeee won 2-1 )

T7(B) VS T8(B)(supersky2020 won 2-0 )

T7© VS T8© (landorus1998 won by default since Bronze712 don't reply)



semifinal pairing

team 1 vs team 4


Spookyaloot vs Rainous (both disqualified not posting anything)


Jery95 vs zebrush (jery95 won by coin flip)


Malfa5 (malfa5 won because no opponent)


team 5 vs team 8


DuggyHD vs iiimeee (iiimeee won 2-0)


Kelfinger22 vs supersky2020 (supersky won by default opponent not answering)


Bonzai13jr vs landorus1998 (landrous1998 won by default opponent not answering)


final round

iiimeee vs (either jery95 or maple5 if they win agaist supersly2020 or landrous1998)

supersky2020 vs jery95 (supersky2020 won 2-1)

landrous1998 vs malfa5







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a reminder : expressing interest in this thread does not count as signing up. You will have to sign up with the name of your team and members. However, you can utilize this thread to form a team.

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Be nice to have some information as to when this tourney will be held;p and what timezone


Since, it is our first tournament, the tournament will start once we get enough groups. The exact time for the battle between teams can be decided by the teams who are playing in that particular round. Therefore, i suggest you to find members who are from a similar timezone for better and easier coordination.

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why not a 1v1? way easier and everyone can get in :( (i'm new so i dont know ppl)


there is a reason to that. in this tournament, there is a possibility for a member team battling against 3 member team in the final. In other words, the single member team has to win 3 matches whereas the 3 members team only needs to win one match. Again, you can always utilize this thread to form a team. You just need some effort and is a good way to get know ppl.

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count me in


a reminder : expressing interest in this thread does not count as signing up. You will have to sign up with the name of your team and members. However, you can utilize this thread to form a team.

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Sign us up!


Team:[CMG] Counter Meta Gaming







Thumbs up. The exact thing we are looking for. The name of the TEAM and Members

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