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any help would be great


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Im barely starting out. Played 1 day in league. Please what would you change in my deck? its a psy. and dark


4x evee










2xmewtwo ex

1x darkrai ex



1x skyla


1x prof. juniper

2xenergy search

2x energy retrieval

1xdual ball

1x poke communication

1x poke ball



6x psycic

14x dark

1xspecial energy double colorless


what ya think of it and how would you change it?

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There are a few things you can change


1. You should change is making your evolution lines 4-4 or 2-2. This is so you can make room for more cards


2. Have 20 or less pokemon, 25 or more trainers, and 15 or less energies


3. put 12-14 draw cards or supporter cards like juniper,N,cheren,bianca


4. Have atleast 4-5 search cards to bring pokemon to you hand. 4 communications will help this deck a lot since it garantees you the pokemon


5. I think you should get rid of scraggy and some incomplete evolution lines. Those cards won't help you during battle. The main cards that will help with attacking are the ex cards.

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updated my deck what you think of it?

I dropped the following.

4 yamask, 2 cofagrisus, 1 sandile, 4 scraggy,



2 heavy balls, 1 dark claw, 1 recycle, 2 energy search, 1 dual ball, 1 cheren, 1 cilan, 2 pokemon communication


let me know if thats a bit better.

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If you can decrease you energy to 5 psychic 10 dark and 1 DCE(double colorless). And add energy search and more draw supporters, that would be great.

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dropped 4 energys and added. and added 2 energy search and 1 heavy ball and 1 poke ball I will let you know how it does tonight.

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