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Yo guys, so I've been having some trouble getting people to trade lately. Everyone seems to want pf packs when there simply aren't enough of them to go around. I have some, but not a bunch, and I also have some cards to trade. I go by gravybeast's prices so make offers based on those. So here's what I got:


-Darkrai ex fa x2

-Groudon ex fa x1

-Raikou ex fa x1

-Keldeo ex fa x1

-Rayquaza ex promo x1

-Victini V-Create x3

-Empoleon Ability x2

-Sigilyph Ability x 2

-Max Potion non SR x4

-Crystal Wall x1

-Gold Potion x1

-Crobat PS x6

-Hypnotoxic Laser x6

-Klinklang PS x1

-Dowsing Machine x1

-Victory Piece x1

-Life Dew x2

-Rock Guard x1

-Absol PF x3

-Juniper fa x1

-some BC and PF packs


And here's what I'm looking for:

-Deoxys ex fa x2

-Empoleon Secret Rare x1

-Garbodor Secret Rare x1

-Max Potion Secret Rare x1

-Ultra Ball Secret Rare x2


-PF packs


Let me know if you want to trade. I do not trade my packs only for cards, but I will trade a mix of packs and cards for my wants.

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