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patcher problem! NEED A mod attention!


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When the "patcher" updates,It always stops at step 3 out of 5 and says "Not Responfing :mad:".

Note:I am using WINDOWS,not Mac.

Is this the newest one?!??


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Hello leader1234567!


Please try the following and let me know if your problem is resolved:


1. Do a clean uninstall of the game. This means deleting all files and content related to Pokémon TCG Online. Instructions can be found here: http://www.pokemontcg.com/support_faq.

2. Download the latest installer from the website using a different web browser than your default browser.

3. Install the Pokémon TCG Online folder under a different directory than the default recommendation, and re-name the folder anything other than the default name.


It could be a problem with the refresher, so if the re-install itself doesn't fix your problem, please follow this final step:


4. Locate your Pokémon TCG Online game folder, and double-click the Refresher.exe file. If this works, I recommend putting a shortcut for Refresher.exe on your desktop and launching the game from this shortcut.



Thanks for your patience!

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