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Eight-Legged Atomic Bombs- the E-LAB Electric Deck


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This deck is built around a lethal combination of Dynamotor Elektrik and Discharge Galvantula. Capable of damage in excess of 210 HP in a few turns, this deck is less of an EX-buster as it is an anti-everything deck. It has it's weaknesses but is surprisingly versatile for it's composition: 20 Pokemon, 20 Trainers, and 20 Energy.


x4 Eevee

x2 Plasma Freeze Jolteon

x1 Dark Explorers Jolteon

x3 Joltik

x2 Plasma Storm Galvantula

x4 Tynamo

x4 Noble Victories Elektrik


x2 Pokemon Center

x2 Energy Search

x1 Level Ball

x4 Pokemon Communication

x2 Professor Oak's New Theory

x1 Pokemon Catcher

x1 Switch

x1 Super Scoop Up

x4 Cheren

x2 Professor Elm's Training Method


x20 Electric Energy




Strategy-wise, the goal is to use Jolteon to keep opponents from attacking Galvantula or Elektrik on the field while building up the amount of discarded energy as well as the amount of Elektrik on your side of the field. You can have Galvantula on the bench while a Jolteon or other pokemon fights against the opponent, raking in as much energy as possible, before switching in and using Discharge. Discharge discards all Electric energy on Galvantula and does 30 damage for every energy discarded in this way. Having just one or two Dynamotors going in a turn feeding into a Galvantula can quickly break any card in your way.


When both Galvantula are on the field, being supplied with Dynamotor, they can juggle back and forth and use Pokemon Center to heal each time they switch. It's easy enough to get 2 Dynamotors at a time, and 3 if you aren't fighting an EX early on. This ensures you're dealing a base damage of 90-120 each turn, as Galvantula has no retreat cost.


Bolded items on the list are requirements- I feel these should not be changed unless they are replaced with something of similar effect. If a Pokemon has no set in it's name, it can be from any set so long as it's the same Pokemon.


In tests, I've been able to reach 390 base damage with a single use of Discharge, followed by juggling a Jolteon and a Galvantula dealing 60 and 120 damage per attack, respectively. Furthermore, when juggling two Galvantula with three Elektrik on the field, I was able to deal 210 base damage followed with 120 per turn. While setup can be difficult if your opponent gains a quick upper hand, you're more than able to one-hit knockout anything that comes your way in the later stages of the match.


If you'd like to add an EX, I'd suggest anything Electric that discards or has a chance to discard. If it's got a high retreat cost, you might switch Pokemon Catcher, Switch, and Super Scoop Up for the EX or Skyla as well as Float Stones.

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You're definitely on to something, as is evident by the fact that RayEels has been a Tier1/2 deck since its release. If you want to keep with this whole theme then first off you'll want to drop some energy, and add in search and draw power. Every deck should be running at least 12 draw supporters, this way you're more likely to hit the cards you want.


4 Juniper, 4 N, 4 Bianca/Cheren would probably be enough, but Professor Oak's New Theory would be a better replacement for Bianca/Cheren if you're not fussed about modified format. As for the search power Level Ball can search out everything in the deck, and 4 Ultra Ball would also search out everything whilst giving you a discard outlet for Electric Energy. You should only really need about 11-13 energy for the deck thanks to all the draw power, and discard outlets thanks to Ultra Ball and Juniper.


Anyway, as for your suggestion for an EX, you might want to look up RayEels. It does what this dck does, except it does 180 damage for 3 Electric energy, instead of 90.

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Neat deck. I think that the Eevee-Jolteon line is a lot of cards for not much effect: and why burden yourself with a third evolution? You could use Raikou EX to keep your opponent busy while you set up on the bench, and it discards electric energy. Zapdos EX is good too, though it doesn't discard. And good old Zekrom (non-EX) is a possibility too. But I'd want to open with something that doesn't need to evolve.

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I think the weakness of this deck is Galvantula's low HP. I've played a deck like this before, and I overwhelmed it simply by stalling with sacrifices for a few turns to power up my Rayquaza and then proceed to get rid of Galvantulas faster than they came.


If you are intent with using this deck I suggest doing what Yesadman said, those changes would really help. Additionally, I think more catchers would help to avoid losing to the strategy I used above.

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I have a galvantula/eelektrik deck that I've been playing for a month or two, and mine used raikou and zekrom EX, both of which have powerful moves that discard energies. Raikou is especially effective to take care of something that is setting up or that you were just short of knocking out the previous turn before it was able to retreat. Not many people expect you to drop a raikou and be able to power it up in one turn to snipe the bench for 100.

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