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Only List Theme Decks under the "Theme Decks" Tab please


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Could the devs please make a small change to the UI when a player goes to select his or her deck? Could you list only the player made tabs for modified/unlimited and keep the theme decks in its separate tab? (still selectable and valid for the match, of course)


For those of us with a large number of theme decks, its very annoying to have to scroll through such a large number of theme decks (I have all the theme decks released to date except for 2) to look for the specific player-made deck. While typing it into the keyword search sometimes helps, I don't always recall the names of every deck I've created (I have over 20 custom-made decks).


Again, keeping the theme decks completely separate would decrease the clutter and improve the overall deck management experience. Thanks! :cool:


Mister Burkes

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