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Lovely Nidoran Deck


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hey guys i just want you to remember this. it sounds familiar to you?

here the decklist:



Female Nidoran x4(Plasma Freeze)

Nidorina x2(Plasma Freeze)

Nidoqueen x4(Plasma Freeze)

Male Nidoran x4(Plasma Freeze)

Nidorino x3(Plasma Freeze)

Nidoking x2(Lovestrike)

Emolga x2(Call for family)



Level Ball x4

Heavy Ball x4

Rare Candy x4

Dowsing Machine x1

Pokémon Catcher x3

Cheren x2

Professor Juniper x2

Switch x3

Skyla x3

Super Rod x3



Double Colorless Energy x3

Fighting Energy x7


the main idea is to attack with Nidoking when having Nidoqueen benched to max out Lovestrike damage. c´mon, this is not familiar to you?


"I´m the number 1 princess in the world.

So make sure you know by heart how to treat me,

got it?"

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Having logged over 200 hours in the game boy TCG version, the title here gives me nostalgia. :)


Regarding the decklist: you need way more draw power. 4 draw supporters are not going to cut it, at all.


-3 catcher

-2 super rod

+1 Juniper

+2 N

+2 Colress


to start.



Secondly, I recommend


-1 level ball

-1 heavy ball

+2 pokemon communication


to mitigate junipering stuff away.

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Okay, keep the catcher. PLEASE KEEP THE CATCHER. Eventually you'll regret taking it out. Maybe scratch a Super Rod and one or two of your PokeBalls. But, please, catcher is vital to almost any deck. Trust me (I'm a doctor), you will want the catcher. Other than that, I agree with the other mods.

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mmm.. difficult. i may regret it later if i remove the Super Rod, but i completely disagree about removing the catcher. yeah i need more draw stuff, maybe i should put Tropical Beach and use it after summon as many Nidoran as i can during my 1st turn.

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ITS MY SECRET RECIPE...All of my deck shave Trainers cards same(not all,Some are different)Its very effective...Cant Tell....Sorry...But i can tell I build a Deck like this:15-18 Pokemon's,19-23 Trainers,and like 16-20 Energies.(I make deck with Many energies need.Like mewtwo and Gallade and some other Energy needed decks.

Hope that helps a Little

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