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Golurk's Devolution Punch and Rescue Scarf


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I was playing against Golurk (Dragons Exalted 59) with my Servine (Boundaries Crossed 12) active. Servine was evolved from Snivy (Boundaries Crossed 11) and had 1 Grass Energy and Rescue Scarf attached to it. It had no damage on it. My opponent used Devolution Punch on Servine. Servine went back to my hand, as Devolution Punch would do. Snivy went to the discard, as oppose to being returned to my hand because of Rescue Scarf. Shouldn't it have gone into my hand instead of the discard?


Typing this up I realize that this might not be a bug, as Snivy would be considered Knocked Out by the effect of an attack and not the damage, which would mean Rescue Scarf would not put the Snivy back into my hand. Some clarification on this would be greatly appreciated :)

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