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Deck booster codes?


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Hello pokéfans, I have been playing pokemon Cards for a long time now and my friend told me last week about TCG online and since i dont have lots of friends who play TCG I decided to try it out, and now I realize that you can buy decks/booster in stores and "transfer" them into the game, problem is I don't have any money to spend on such things (like games) and I was hoping if someone is a "good hearted person" (xD) and give some of your codes, please?

Have a nice day :).




PS: I don't know how are the rules here, if i can't ask for codes tell me ok?xP

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Hello medabruno4d.


I will be closing this thread. You can acquire more cards for your collection by signing into the game each day to receive the daily log in bonus. The more consecutive days you log in to play, the more cards you can earn!


Furthermore, you can receive cards as prizes for competing in the Trainer Challenge. Each time you earn enough points to receive a 4-star rating for a particular trainer, you will be awarded with a booster pack.


Thanks for playing!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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