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Completed Set Reward


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As far as I know, the slogan used for the Pokemon marking since 1996 is to "catch em' all". In marketing terms, collect them all.


I don't think a achivement unlocked is enough for completing a set. It be great to be rewarded for completing a set such as a set related item and card sleeve. An example of completing Dragon Exalted set would be a Rayquaza hat and a few dragon themed card sleeves.



Also there should be special rewards for completing a certain % in the total collection.

~ Get rewarded a wearable item/card sleeve for completing 25%,50%, 75%, and 100% from the entire collection. If a new set comes out, the awarded item will disappear until they reach that % again.


I know the team already have an idea to obtain wearable items and sleeves through microtransactions with gems which were being tested in Canada recently, but there are reasons to imply this reward system


Reasons to add this reward system:


~ The hypothalamus in our brain secretes dopamine when rewarded, which encourages replay value ( I just had to bring that up since I'm studying anatomy atm :) )


~ The playing field will be less boring with the same card sleeves


~ Pride will be brought to the player once they show off their item during a match after many trades/ code redemption


~ Bring in more revenue from dedicated players from code redemptions, because they will finally have a reason to have a completed set.


~ Most importantly this will strengthen the community :)

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As long as promos are not considered for 100%.

Related wearable items and card sleeves from the completed set should be the reward.

For rewards for completed milestones (25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%) for the entire collection should be a special sleeve/ item reward.


I agree, Promo cards shouldn't be part as a reward for this kind of reward system.

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