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Trade Tag Bugs


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There was a bug which affected Trade Tags earlier this year. The Dev team got a fix in place, but there continue to be a small number of players who continue to have experience problems. Due to the limited number of players affected, we are having a difficult time chasing down the cause of this issue.


The previous thread discussing this has become difficult to keep track of due to its age and the number of game updates that have occurred since the bug originally appeared. I’m starting this thread in an effort to get a consolidated list of players who are experiencing issues with Trade Tags, and details on the issues they are experiencing.


If you are experiencing issues with Trade Tags, please post in this thread with the following information:


* Date you last encountered the bug

* Game version

* Description of the problem

* Steps to reproduce the problem


If you are NOT experiencing issues with Trade Tags, please refrain from posting in this thread.

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Date bug last encountered: May 10th, 2013

Game version: Unity Player Version 3.5.7f6 (Refresher version is the same)


Description of the problem: After logging back into the game, I find that all my trade and want tags have disappeared. As of last night, I had had over 2000 cards tagged as wanted. I am uncertain as to whether or not tag volume affects the problem. Originally after the Plasma Freeze maintenance, I had believed that my binder tagging issues had been solved. All tags that had previously disappeared had reappeared. In fact, I had logged out and logged in after that first day, and my tags had remained. It's only now, my third login post Plasma Freeze, that the tags have disappeared. That does add some credence to tag volume being part of the issue. Also, as far as I can tell, no one else can see my binder. I don't know if they could temporarily see it during that brief window post-update.


Steps to reproduce the problem: Tag a card, it doesn't matter which of the three tags. Log out. Reopen the application and log back in. The card is no longer tagged.


If any further information is needed, please let me know.

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A few questions to try to narrow this down a bit:


After you tagged cards, did you receive any private trade or friend trade requests while logged out?


After you tagged cards, did you have any open private trade or public trades accepted while logged out?


After you tagged cards, did you have any open public trades expire while logged out?


It would be helpful if you could do some further testing on this for me. Please try the following:


1) Tag 10 cards in any combination of tags. Log out for 10 minutes and then log back in. Do the tags still appear?


2) Cancel all of your open trades (including Public, Friend and Private), and reject any trade offers you have received. Tag 10 cards in any combination of tags. Log out for 10 minutes and then log back in. Do the tags still appear?


3) Tag 10 cards in any combination of tags. Have someone from your Friends list view your binder. Have someone who is not on your Friends list view your binder. Do they both see your tags? If not, what does each see?


Thanks in advance for your help!

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After I'd tagged my cards, I don't believe I received any private trade or friend trade requests. I discussed trading via pm, but in all instances I believe I was the one who sent the offer. ...Although on second thought, I believe someone countered a trade in order to combine two trades into one. That was before logout.


After I'd tagged cards, I did have open public trades that were accepted while I was logged out. Public trades seem to work fine. I don't recall having a private trade still open when I logged out.


After I'd tagged cards, I definitely had open public trades expire. There was a healthy mixture of successful trades and expired postings in the messages when I logged in today.


I'll go do the further testing and put the results in a second message.

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Wow. So, I just worked on point one. I placed a mixture of tags on 10 cards, with each possible combination of wanted, review, and trade represented on cards I own, and the tenth tag as a want on a card I did not own. I clicked to close the program on the hour, and clicked that I did indeed want to exit. After a relatively normal pause for closing, it closed and I received a popup stating that the application had quit unexpectedly. I don't know how that effects the results.


What was interesting however was that when I logged back in 10 minutes after the hour, (clicked okay on the daily reward popup,) I saw I had three messages (approximately eight hours after I'd made the public offers). Two were expired notices and one was a trade completed notice, but I saw immediately that the cards had tags. I went to my collection and saw that not only did the odd assortment of test tags on those 10 cards remain, but in addition all of my previous tags that had gone missing had returned.


I don't really know what to make of the tags returning now, but I'll continue with steps 2 and 3 after my public trades have all ended. It's possible I'll have to do that tomorrow.


I suppose I should ask: Should I redo the first test seeing as I received the application unexpectedly quit notice? I'd heard previously that some players had only retained their tags upon one of those heap crashes, and I wouldn't know if I'd had that happen or not.


Edit: I glanced at the public offers and saw a couple of my own mixed among the others. Presumably that's all fine. I did however have a private offer I'd sent that remained, but it was showing as being sent to myself. I'm not sure if that's relevant. And now that my binder's presently back up, I've received private offers from two different accounts, only one of which is on my friend's list.


A few tagging errors occurred from the tag disappearing-and-reappearing act. Because I had since traded the unlocked version of a card, a for trade tag appeared on some locked cards that I would otherwise be unable to mark as tradable.

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1. I logged on yesterday night/early this morning, and all tags had again disappeared. As per the first test's conditions, I tagged 10 cards in the same array I had the first time. I still had open public trades. I exited the program in the usual manner. I logged back in approximately 10 minutes later, and all tags were gone. I had seven notifications due to both expired and completed public trade postings.


2. Now that I have no open trades and no open trade requests or offers, I'm going to again assign 10 test tags and log out.


Edit: After logging back in after the 10 minutes were up, all my old tags have reappeared (the 10 test tags included).


3. Logged in several hours later, the tags are still showing. Someone on my friend list made me an offer and therefore could see my tags (all offered cards were tagged as wanted, etc). I asked someone from a lobby not on my friend list to look at my binder, and that person said that they could indeed see my tags.


Seeing as the tag disappearance is being more hit and miss than usual, I suppose I'll repeat test 3 the next time my tags go away.

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Wow! That was more thorough than I expected! I'm wondering if this doesn't somehow have something to do with pending trades. I'll start compiling your findings and get them escalated to the Dev team. It would be great if you could keep posting updates on this issue, along with the steps you've taken.


Thanks! :)

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I took quite a few chemistry and physics classes in college, I'm glad to know my laboratory note-taking skills have paid off. ;)


Having logged in for the day, all my tags are still up. I'd had only public offers open in the night, with the usual combo of completed and expired trade postings. In addition, I just received a private trade offer from a friend, which I've accepted. I'll be logging off for several hours soon, I'm considering not making a public offer for once just to see if anything happens.

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