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Various Suggestions and Bug Reports.


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This is my first post. As I have several things to say in this section, I thought I'd throw them all into one topic instead of spamming the forum with 6. It's an efficient sort of mess.




1) Help notices in rotation to the empty space right of the chat box - People won't read anything that isn't directly in front of them, and would far rather ask the simple questions to people ingame than bother to look up the answer on a FAQ. Answering the same questions every few hours gets tedious, so why not have answers to commonly asked questions in rotation within a box next to the chat. Just little phrases like "Looking for new cards? Redeem codes from your real life booster packs!" or "Did you know that you can unlock the Trainer Challenge decks for regular use? Win 7 battles each with them to add them to your collection!" that come and go at various intervals.


2) Filtering cards by card effects - Cards that inflict special effects, sleep, poison and the like, should be added to the filter to make finding these cards easier. If you're feeling adventurous, other card effects such as deck searches, discarding energy attacks and retreat blocking can be added too. Pokemon powers are also something I believe is worthy of a filter.


3) Changes to the "Like for Like Trading" - Working on the assumption that it's been put in place to prevent scams, as it stands now the system is imperfect. Making a trade with like for like trading on is difficult, as a lot of the trading is done with packs as it is universal trade bait. Out of all of the trades I've had, the only time like for like trading has ever still been switched on is when I'm trading a card I don't particularly want for a card that, luckily, the recipient doesn't particularly want either. Any bartering for more desirable cards practically insists on like for like trading being disabled, as more elaborate trades (Or any trade involving packs) are then the way to go. The system doesn't do anything to prevent scams as it is, rather it just adds another step to the trade procedure - Adding the recipient as a friend.

Simply putting up a colourful message on the trade window that says "*Insert Name Here* has disabled Like for Like Trading! Check your trade carefully before continuing!" would have the same effect, without players needing to go through the hassle of adding someone to make a trade.






1) Mew EX ignoring confusion check - Whenever Mew EX is confused, and uses the move of another pokemon via the Versatility ability, Mew EX ignores the confusion check and always attacks unimpeded. Perhaps it's using the move as if it were that pokemon, as opposed to attacking as Mew EX? Thus, the confusion stage of the attack is ignored. It's something to look into, anyway.


2) Occasionally unable to click into the public player search bar - This seems like such an obvious one, yet I don't see it in the Known Bugs and Fixes topic. Basically, sometimes when searching for a public player name via the "Friends" drop-down menu, I'm unable to click into the search bar so that I can enter text. I've not noticed a pattern to it, and I'm now only somewhat sure that it's not just a problem I'm having (If that makes sense?), so at this time I can't provide any more information on it.

3) Ridiculous Deck Wizard deck combinations - I've used the deck wizard a number of times to duel some of my friends who haven't got so many cards, purely as a way of handicapping myself. In every single deck I made, the format has been the impossible combination of 30 pokemon, 9 trainer cards and 30 energy cards. Every single deck. This would be understandable in a Beta if, for example, these numbers were a little more random... But such a solid format makes me wonder who programmed it to give such a specific (And impossible) deck format.

Another thing the Deck Wizard tends to do is pick the same pokemon every time I use it for a new deck. I saw the same 4 Pidoves and Tranquills in every deck, and the same Vibravas. I realise that the whole system is probably quite complicated, and I may come across as being a bit unfair to be so critical of it, but at the moment it's deeply flawed and requires a serious look. Otherwise it's just dead weight.

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