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Computer opponent playing the same decks


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I am playing versus the computer and trainer challenge


After the last update, the computer opponent's deck is always the same. Colourless deck with Boufflant etc.


Whether I play versus mode or trainer challenger, beginner or expert difficulty level, whether the name of the opponent is different, the deck is always the same.


I uninstalled the game and downloaded and reinstalled. Still the same problem.


There must be a problem because the idea behind trainer challenge is to face different decks, yet the computer only plays 1 deck.


Help appreciated. thanks

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Yeah the versus mode computer opponents always have the same deck no matter what for me too, but the trainer challenge doesn't have that problem for me. Still, since you brought the subject up, I figured I'd mention how the versus mode decks should be different. I like testing new decks on the computer before I face off against human opponents and always facing the same colorless deck is boring. But yeah, there's something wrong with your game if in trainer challenge the opponents all have the same deck. Maybe when it comes to versus mode, there's something wrong with both our games, but I dismissed THAT as oh well, they didn't feel like making multiple decks for versus mode opponents.

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