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Looking for all cards in this deck :


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4 Klink

1 Klang

3 Klinklang (Plasma Storm)

1 Klinklang (Black and White)

2 Cobalion

2 Cobalion EX

1 Keldeo EX




4 Professor Juniper

4 Skyla

3 N

1 Colress

2 Tropical Beach

1 Computer Search

3 Pokemon Catcher

4 Rare Candy

3 Heavy Ball

2 Ultra Ball

4 Switch

1 Max Potion


Offering packs. WOuld like to do all in one.

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Best thing to do would be to post a message on the Gravybeast Thread in the Trading Section - I can definitely do that for you all in one go :)


Apart from Tropical Beach - which isn't available online...

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I have:

4x Klink

2x Klang

2x Colress

1x Klinklang(Lock gear attack)

2x Ultra Ball

4x Switch

3x N

How many you would like of each and how many packs you would offer pls tell me

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