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Hello Everyone,


I am getting extremely tired of constantly posting and re-posting public trades and having only 5% get completed. I have an online collection of over 20,000 cards and have huge lists of cards I am looking for and cards for trade! I will be updating these lists regularly so please send me in-game offers or friend requests if you want to trade with me.


I will have 2 lists of cards here; my "For Trade" which will be all the cards I am looking to trade and the value in unopened packs I am looking to get for them. My "Wanted" are the cards I am looking for and the number of packs I am willing to trade for them. I do not value PS packs higher than any other packs. I am also very open to trading cards for cards as long as they fall in my lists and the pack value is reasonably close. All Prices are negotiable! If you have any input on my values please let me know, I am basing all my prices off my previous trading experience and what i have traded/received for each card. I will also add that I have at least 1 of every card in the online game from the "Black and White" set through "Plasma Storm" and if the price is right i will trade any of them! For reverse holos I generally double the value. Most cards that are stage 1 or stage 2 I will include the pre-evolved forms. I am always willing to take EX/FA/SR cards for trade so don’t hesitate to post offers to me.


Format: Card Name (Ability (Set)) Value in Packs


My "For Trade" List:




Black Kyurem EX (BC) 2

Black Kyurem EX FA 4

White Kyurem EX (BC) 2

White Kyurem EX FA 4

White Kyurem EX (PS) 3

Cresselia EX 2

Keldeo EX (promo) 3

Darkrai EX (promo) 4

Mewtwo EX (promo) 4

Rayquaza EX (promo) 3

Reshiram EX (promo) 2

Zekrom EX (Promo) 2


Emerging Powers:

Tornadus FA 3

Tornadus 1

Thundrus 1

Pokemon Catcher 1


Noble Victories:

Victini (Victory ***** 1

Cobalion 1

Kyurem 1

Chandelure (Cursed Shadow) 1

Landorus 1

Eelektrik (dynamotor) 0.5


Next Destinies:

Reshiram 1

Zekrom 1

Chandelure 1

Shiftry (Giant Fan) 1


Dark Explorers:

Sableye 0.5


Dragons Exalted:

Bouffalant (Bouffer) 1

Altaria 1

Hydreigon (Dark Trance) 1

Gabite (Dragon Call) 1

Emolga 0.5


Boundaries Crossed:

Blastoise (Deluge) 3

Dusknoir 2

Flygon 1

Scizor 1

Black Kyurem 0.5

White Kyurem 0.5

Aspertia City Gym 0.5

Computer Search 3

Gold Potion 1

Crystal Edge 1

Crystal Wall 1

Golurk (Secret Rare) 3


Plasma Storm:

Klinklang (Plasma Steel) 2

Magnezone (Dual Brains) 1

Crobat 1

Manaphy 1

Gallade 1

Lucario 1

Togekiss 1

Snorlax 1

Giratina 1

Colress Machine 0.5

Hypnotoxic Laser 0.5

Ether 0.5

Bicycle 0.5

Virbank City Gym 0.5

Colress 0.5

Dowsing Machine 2

Scramble Switch 2

Victory piece 1


My “Wants” List:



Entei EXFA 4

Groundon EX 2

Tornadus EX 6

Mew EXFA 5

Registeel EXFA 4

Landorus EXFA 8




Klinklang (Shift Gear) 4

Reshiram FA 2

Emboar (Inferno Fandango BW) 2

Serperior (Royal Heal) 1.5

Reuniclus (Damage Swap) 1.5

Pikachu (Secret Rare BW) 2

Terrakion FA 4

Victini FA 3

Cobalion FA 3

Virizion FA 3

Meowth (Secret Rare NV) 2

Emboar (Secret Rare ND) 4

Zoroark (Secret Rare ND) 4

Chandelure (Secret Rare ND) 3

Hydreigon (Secret Rare ND) 3

Gardevoir (Secret Rare DE) 3

Archeops (Secret Rare DE) 3

Gold Catcher 10

Garchomp (Mach Cut) 1

Sigilyph (Safeguard) 1

Rayquaza (Secret Rare DE) 4

Reuniclus (Secret Rare DE) 3

Serperior (Secret Rare DE) 3

Krookodile (Secret Rare DE) 2

Bianca FA 4

Cheren FA 4

Skyla FA 5

Terrakion (Secret Rare BC) 4

Altaria (Secret Rare BC) 3

Rocky Helmet (Secret Rare BC) 3

Colress FA 6

Deluge (Secret Rare PS) 6

Random Receiver (Secret Rare PS) 4

Charizard (Secret Rare PS) 4

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