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Has anyone ever trued Mienshao (with Knock Off) and the Hugh combo? I built a quick deck with those and it's alright, it just has a problem about decking out. I'm running a 2-2-2 Dusknoir 4-4 Mienshao, 2 Throh (basic orange) and a Sawk (Karate Chop or whatever his 70- attack is called). Any ideas? I'm also running 3 Lasers, 3 Hammers, 2 Hugh, 4 N, 2 Colress, 3 Level Ball, 3 Rocky Helmet. Like I said, the main problem is decking out. It just happens so fast.

Put in cards that recycle cards.

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I'm testing out a new deck idea that came to my mind.

Using basic PKMN only.


Pkmn (11):

2x Carnivine (DEX)

3x Reshiram (NXD)

2x Victini-EX (PS)

2x Mr. Mime (PF)

2x Darkrai-EX (PR)


Trainer (27):

2x Switch

2x Pokemon Collector

3x Skyla (or 4)

4x Oak's New Theory (or 3)

4x Hypnotoxic Laser

2x Pokemon Catcher

1x Victory Piece

2x Virbank City Gym

2x Professor Juniper

1x Float Stone

2x Giant Cape

2x Energy Switch


Energy (22):

10x Fire Energy

2x Darkness Energy (Basic)

2x DCE

4x Prism Energy

4x Blend Energy (GRPD)


Attack formation: 2 Reshiram, 1 Darkrai, 1 Mr. Mime, 1 Carnivine, 1 Victini

I try to start making my bench full using Pokemon Collector or Oak's, Juniper; Prism, Blend Energy or Vic Piece on my Victini; Charge my benched Reshiram with Turbo Energize; Giant Capes on my Reshirams; Swtich to Reshiram and attacking with Virbank+Hypnotoxic Combo (150 DMG + 30 each turn); Float Stone on Mr. Mime to avoid Catchers and losing a turn without attacking, also Mr. Mime protect my benched PKMN (Bench Barrier); 1 Blend/Prism Energy on both Reshirans and also Carnivine to return to the bench when needed (Dark Cloak); Carnivine+Virbank (Lure Poison) to swtich to a target to gain time or get an easy prize card.


Of course my weakness is Water Type, but I can win against mostly water decks, if I get the chance to use my deck properly.

Not sure about Oak's, Skyla (using 4-3 for now. Still have to test 3-4). Also not sure about 2x DCE, sometimes it's usefull to combo with Reshiram+Virbank+Hypnotoxic and also to deal an attack against PKMN EX using Victini's attack (Intensifying Burn). 2x Darkness Energy to combo with Energy Switch and attack without the opponent expectation and also to eventually use Darkrai.


That's pretty much it.

Doing good so far, 74/91 (81%) on Expert.

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