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What Pokemon Would You Be?


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Grass-type is my favorite, but I would also want to be able to fly. So I choose Tropius.

He's one of the really cool ones that I always forget about but have liked since Colosseum.

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If I had to choose I'd be Porygon2. It'd be interesting to explore the internet and be able to control devices to a certain extent. Also, I JUST LOOOOOVE PORYGON2!!!!!!!!

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What's with the Porygon love? People died because of Porygons.

are you joking right? what do you mean? anyway i remind you that i like to be a Mienfoo and a Mienshao.

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any of the dog type ones... I freaking love them all, the rest I don't even bother catching unless I need a specific type against a gym leader...

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