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The deck rater is made to help people with their decks. People may sign up to become official members, they get to help pick the deck of the week, make the newsletter, etc., or they may ask questions about their decks or a specific card.

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Emolga drx

Magnemite - 3

Magnezone (ps ability) - 3



3-3 eels





4x N

4x Juniper

4x Colress

4x Bianca

2x Cheren


Dowsing Machine


2x Super rod

4x Energy switch

1x Ultra ball

2x Heavy bal

2x Level ball

3x Rare Candy


Energy - 13


lightning 11

dce 2

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Deck Rater, how about this deck I am using:

TYPE. (Water/Rock)


1. (2)Evee

2. (1) GlaceonGX (200hp)

3. (2) Larvitar

4. (2) Pupitar

5. (1) Tyranitar (180HP)

6. (2) Magikarp

7. (1) Gyarados (150HP) 

8. (1) Marshadow GX (150HP) (Could change it for my Lycanrock of 200HP)

9. (1) Regirock

10. (1) Oranguru (Hit per Energy)


Like 14 Pokémon - 28 Trainer cards - 17 Energy (8)Rock/Fighting Energy (6) Water Energy (3) Double Color.


28 Trainer cards (More balance energy search/loot and recovery - Well balance pokemon loot - 3 Potions 3 - Tools.)


Please Rate it.


Happy new Year! 





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19 hours ago, ellomello044208 said:

Hi @Misigno10 and welcome to Forums! Please refer to Forum rules, we try to avoid reviving threads that have been inactive for more than 2 weeks.

Two weeks! It’s been 7-8 years! 😂

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