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Need Help On Garchomp/Altaria


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Yo! I kinda need help on constructing a Garchomp/Altaria Deck. Here is my list so far and it seems it kinda works:



2x Emolga(Call For Family)

4x Gible(Sand Attack)

4x Gabite(Dragon Call)

4x Garchomp(Mach Cut)

4x Swablu(Sing)

4x Altaria(Fight Song)



1x Gold Potion

3x Level Ball

2x Pokemon Catcher

3x Random Receiver

3x Rare Candy

2x Super Rod

2x Switch

3x Bianca

2x Colress

3x N

3x Prof. Juniper



7x Fighting

4x Blend WFLM


But so far, it's not the best. I'd really appreciate some feedback!

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