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Da_Granny's 3rd Tournament


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With much praise for how my first two tournaments went I figured I would do a third tournament to all my fellow competitors. Most of the rules are still the same, but there will be a few changes!


Rules are as followed:


The format will be BW-on, (The Modified Format for those who don't play in real life) if anyone is using any illegal set then you will be automatically disqualified from the tournament. (Reprints are okay though, ex: Switch, poke ball, pluspower, etc.)

2. The deck you choose will be allowed to vary in between rounds. I like this idea the most as it throws randomness into the game. However, every deck you play must be legal for modified format.

3. There will be 5 rounds of Swiss followed by a top cut of 8, (due to the 32 player limit) each round must be reported by both players. Swiss play will just be best of 1 play and top cut matches will be best 2 out of 3. (Basically like a real life tournament) Each round will be given a max of 5 days to be played out. If the game has not been played the player who did not show up for the match will forfeit, and the other must report this. If neither reports this statement, then a coin flip will result for a winner. (sorry but it's to speed up the matches and what not)

4. THERE WILL BE NO UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT IN THIS TOURNAMENT, if you are found to be unsportsmanlike to your opponent then you will be disqualified immediately.

5. DISCONNECTION ISSUES: disconnections will result in a player discussion. Both players must both agree to the disconnection, I know everyone does not have a strong internet connection so sometimes this happens (happens to me as well). However if someone tries to say the internet disconnected on them after they were trying to "concede" or did "concede" the ending result will be a loss to the conceding player.


7. PRIZES:1. 8 packs of choosing

2. 6 packs of choosing

3. 4 packs of choosing

4. 2 packs of choosing


good luck to all 32 players!



1. cheefsweetleef (5-0)

2. zebrush (4-1)

3. iiimee (4-1)

4. Goldenvoid (4-1)

5. clingplus1 (4-1)

6. sbyoungmoney (4-1)

7. balrogslo (3-2)

8. Keyser7 (3-2)

9. Outtayamind (3-2)

10. supernova51D (3-2)

11. 32914 (3-2)

12. AlexManectric (3-2)

13. cuttingedge007 (2-3)

14. kfisherman (2-3)

15. YugiohOwnsPoke (2-3)

16. sourkrai (2-3)

17. Aloeb (1-4)

18. xXBlackOps2Xx (1-4)

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